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Tramex Moisture meter- Moisture Encounter Plus review and price

If you are in the market for a good moisture analyzer you can look into the various leading brands such as Ametek vs Sartorius vs Ohaus vs Meeco vs Karl Fisher or Tramex moisture meter or Delmhorst moisture analyzer or the Mettler moisture meter.

If you have ever had water damage in your basement or home then you know how this can result in mold – which is a health hazard.
If you want to know how much moisture there is on floors , roof or walls then you need the Moisture Encounter Plus from Tramex, a company based in Ireland which is a known brand in production of various testers. It is is designed for building inspection and is no destructive. In other words it has a deep signal penetration and you don’t have to damage the surface of what you are testing in order to get accurate reading.

You can evaluate homes, walls , roofs and floors fast and accurately. It can be used in other areas such as Indoor Air Quality,Wood, flooring, Water Restoration, , Inspection/Surveying and Pest Control. It also works on various materials such as plaster carpet , vinyl flooring etc. It is also used by professionals such as home inspectors.
It has three ranges of senstovty including Plaster/Brick, Drywall/Roofing and Wood/Timber.

The high sensitivity comes from the external rubber electrodes which make direct contact with the specific material being tested.

It has a wide range of reading from wood of 5- 30% and 0 to 100 for all the other materials listed above.
It is easy to use , you can even use it in corners and hidden areas. You push hold button put it under or below certain levels and then hold again to release.
The display is clear and easy to read .
It give an audio warning when it is going form on to off and will also power donw when not in use . It return to the last user setting when switched on . It comes with a battery as it is battery operated.

Customer reviews
“When searching for a rental house, this helped us screen out rentals with water/moisture issues”

“Easy to use and understand.”

“I have earlier versions, that I paid twice as much for, and like this one better.”

“ Very handy and simple to use. I remodel homes and it’s proven invaluable in showing home owners where their moisture problems are coming from and visible evidence as to repairs needed”
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Where to buy

The best place to buy is at Amazon as they have low prices and great customer service. Click here to see if the current discount is still available. We have also also listed other vendors who have this device for competitive prices.

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